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*Get your free instant report of every plan available in your zip code. See and compare all plans side by side. Some areas have surprisingly low premiums (low as $0 premium per month)
*The main questions you must ask yourself :
     1) Is a plan with 100% coverage best for my needs and my area?     (Medigap plan F)
     2) Or, would I rather have a very low premium (low as $0 premium per month) and then have co-pays for doctor/hospital, etc.?     (Advantage plan, depends on county)
*The free information you receive in a few minutes could take you hours if you were to try to do it all by yourself. You'll also be mailed a personalized packet ASAP.
*Easy choice: Let a licensed broker with 21+ years experience make this understandable and easy for you.  People are always so grateful for the expertise, care and on-going service they receive.
-No extra cost or obligation  It's VERY easy.
Learn the pros and cons of each type of plan....
Rx Report:  Get your own personalized report using YOUR Rx to show which Part D or advantage plan is the best value for YOUR needs.

Sample of rates:
All ages, Medicare Advantage (part C):  $0 premium in some counties.  We can direct you a list from Medicare.gov to show the premiums for each plan in your county: click here

 Medigap plans:
Age 65, Medicare supplement:  Plan F starting around $127/month 
Age 65, Medicare supplement:  Plan N starting around $79/month
NOTE: "CHEAPEST" plan isn't always the best, though... Find out "why".
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Free Instant Report Contains:
*All the "advantage plans" in your area
*A list of part D plans (Rx) and premiums
*Personalized quote for your age

Or email your questions & receive instant email : instantreport@oregonmedicareplans.net
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The price for your health plan is the same whether you let us help you or not. Working with an agent that represents many different plans helps you get objective advice and extra service.   This way you're not just a number... you're a person that we care about.


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